Opening of the Swedish market

Opening of the Swedish market led by Vincent Terrasson de Montleau Cognac Terrasson Comte Gerald de Montleau is represented at Systembolaget in Sweden. Systembolaget is a Swedish public company with a monopoly on the sale of wines and spirits in Sweden and distributes Terrasson Comte Gerald de Montleau Cognac in its 448 liquor shops throughout

Commercial letter

Dear Sir or Madam, The lineage of the Terrasson Comte de Montleau Eaux-de-Vie is still today a living history, based on the excellence of ancestral skills. The vineyards, with records dating back to the 18th century, were already renowned in the early 19th century. The limestone soil with clay elements gives the Comtes Terrasson de

Newsletter LXXXVII

A Legendary Cognac - 250th anniversary When Terrasson Comte de Montleau Cognac was still known as "Eaux-De-Vie de Cognac". The first distillery was built in the 18th century. The vineyard was already highly advanced for its time and covered an area of 60 hectares. During Count Gerald de Montleau’s father’s lifetime, the remains of the

Cognac Market Explosion

Some figures on the Cognac market The cognac market in 2019 amounts to €3.4 billion Between 2018 and 2019, more than 211.1 million bottles sold This is the 5th consecutive year of sales growth Cognac exports 98.2% of its production The USA -> largest market +2.5% in sales volume and +6.0% in value 97.7 million