Our cognacs

From the beginning of the 19th century, Cognac Terrasson de Montleau was one of the most highly-valued spirits at the Royal and Imperial Court. A bestseller. In 1885, it was awarded the “Grand Diplôme d’honneur” along with the “Médaille d’Or”, the highest distinction, and became “Supplier to leading Establishments”.

Today the Cognac Terrasson Gerald de Montleau, is made following age-old tradition, like his ancestor, offering Eaux-De-Vie de Cognac great finesse and exquisite aromas which infuse it with exceptional charm. 

The lineage of the Terrasson Comte de Montleau Eaux-De-Vie De Cognac is still today a living history, based on the excellence of ancestral skills. The vineyards, with records dating back to the 18th century, were already renowned in the early 19th century. The limestone soil with clay elements gives the Comtes Terrasson de Montleau Cognac its specific character. A LEGENDARY COGNAC was born, retracing the great adventure of the creation and export of a precious nectar that found favour with Royal and Imperial courts. 

Correspondence from the Atlantic to the Urals is still unpublished until now. The letters from all over the world have been carefully archived and will soon be accessible online. The heritage has survived the test of time, all the wars, including in 1870, phylloxera, the grapevine disease, and the First World War, which saw the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

Comte Gerald de Montleau


“Heritage Cognac” is aged in oak barrels for 25 years.

This is a Cognac in its prime, powerful, mature and wonderfully delicate.

A dazzling copper colour.

A nose with notes of almond and candied fruit.In the mouth, an explosive walnut flavour, a light woody taste, followed by honey and ripe fruit notes.


Comte Gerald de Montleau


“Imperial Cognac” is a Cognac of a rare sophistication, an ideal balance between flavours and aromas.

Our “Legendary Cognac” is aged for 45 years and takes you on a journey through history and the generations of this prestigious company. An amber colour with gold tones.

Aromas of ripe fruit and dried rose. A sweet and generous Cognac in the mouth, with floral and fruit flavours, alongside cedarwood and old leather, providing a long finish worthy of the finest vintages.